Edition: The Cat
Siméon Artamonov

Edition: The Cat

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Edition of 10.

Giclée Fine Art Edition
Paper: Hahnemühle German Etching
Acid-and lignin-free. 310 gsm.
All prints come unframed.

This humorous, tender portrait is a tribute to the artist’s own cat, whose name ‘Raho’ translates to “the one who stays”.  The mischievous animal takes up much of the space on the paper, suggesting the impact of his personality on those around him. The playful feline is all bouncing legs and curling tail, and easily outshines the small potted plant next to him. This oversized depiction suggests a tendency to knock over the occasional object and to establish himself as a most beloved pet -- perhaps how he earned the affectionate nicknames “the mess maker” and “the lazy guardian of the house”.



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